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Jordi Nadal


There is a point in the script of Hiroshima mon amour where it is remarked, ‘ from looking so often, sometimes you end up learning’. Maybe we could rephrase this as; from so much editing, you sometimes end up wishing to write... And teach. And think. And, above all, continue reading. ‘Reading is wishing that the world will never end’ is what a child said to a writer friend of mine some years ago.

Jordi Nadal was born in Lliçà d’Amunt (Barcelona) in 1962 and has a bachelor degree in Germanic Studies (Universitat de Barcelona). Founder of Plataforma Editorial (2007), Jordi Nadal is a co-author of Meditando el Management… y la vida (Plataforma Editorial, 2012) as well as the autor of Libroterapia (Plataforma Editorial, 2017, 2020) and La invención de la bicicleta (Plataforma Editorial, 2020), among others.


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